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Introducing: Linda Crabtree

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Introducing Linda Crabtree who, despite or because of a debilitating physical condition, has had an amazing impact in this world. I invite you to listen and wonder at Linda's stamina, determination, skills, and artistry. Her book, “CMT and Me” is available on Amazon. You can see a review of it on this site on the page for “Books and articles by/about women.”

A note for listeners: I have improved the sound quality of the video, but the subtitles, while still necessary, are still awful!

I have published my autobiography, CMT and Me: an intimate 75-year journey of love, loss and refusal to surrender to a disabling disease. It is available on and the ebook is available on Kindle and Kobo.



I hope you enjoy this interview.

**The subtitles in the interviews are automatically generated. They are often messed up, and sometimes even embarrassing.  I apologize in advance.**

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