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a memoir in little pieces
Jean Peelen

From striving to be the first New Jersey cowboy to drinking beer with Clarence Thomas, Jean Peelen would not accept the roles assigned to her by her parents, her church, her community, her society. She created the life she wanted, one where nothing was impossible. It is her vulnerability that makes this book accessible. Her story is deep and wide, funny and sad. It is a mirror for what is possible when a woman decides to refuse the restrictions put on women all the time, everywhere.

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“Incredibly moving and sweetly honest - this beautiful memoir has a light touch with a bright flame. ‘Feisty’ traces the lines of the female movement through the nooks and crannies of Jean's experiences - divinely feminine and full of rumbling urgency. A powerful female tale - radical in its dignified honesty and powerful in its scope, while remaining sweetly intimate.”

From Liz Tigelaar, Executive Producer of the series Life Unexpected, Little Fires Everywhere, and Tiny Beautiful Things

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